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As of October 29, 2023  



Sidamo - From the birthplace of coffee! So smooth, bold, with a full earthy body. Organic and Fair Trade Certified - Medium roast - 1/2 lb bag   $10.95

Yirgacheffe - Wet processed, Light medium roast - 1/2 lb bag $ 8.95  OUT OF STOCK 

Longberry - From the Harrar region, high elevation grown. Bold, complex. Light medium roast - 1/2 lb bag $ 9.49  N/A


"Peaberry" - Arusha Arabica varietal medium roasted - 1/2 lb bag $ 9.95


Bali - "Blue Moon" Organic - Shade-grown, wet-processed. The light medium roast results in a smooth body with hints of chocolate and vanilla. This bean is Organic & Rain Forest Alliance Certified. -  1/2 lb bag $ 10.95

Sumatra - "Gayo Mountain" - Naturally cultivated, harvested and processed. Small batch medium roasted - 1/2 lb bag $ 9.95

Sumatra - "Midnight Satin" - Organic and Fair Trade Certified. Dark roasted to a full and smoky body - 1/2 lb bag $ 10.95 

Timor - Organic and  Fair Trade Certified. Hint of herbal & spice, premium body. Medium dark roast - 1/2 lb bag $ 10.95

Papua New Guinea - From fields along the Wahgi River. Smooth, complex with a crisp finish. - 1/2 lb bag $ 8.49 N/A


"Inca Gold" - Organic and Fair Trade Certified. From the NW slopes of the Andes, shade grown, smooth body, full flavor, nut nuances. 1/2 lb bag $ 9.95 

Also available in a "Swiss Water Process" Decaf. 1/2 bag $10.95


"World Blend"

French Roast - Organic and Fair Trade Certified. Heavy body, our darkest roast. A blend of beans from three continents! Medium brightness, but bold flavor. 1/2 lb bag $ 9.95

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